The World Spirit


Ooranye possesses a planetary id, plus its emergent emanation, a planetary consciousness.

The thoughts we think, and the language we use, on this strange topic, are certain to be misleading.  Terms like "life" and "intelligence" are not well adapted to what needs to be said.  Nevertheless we must do our best with the conceptual tools we have.

The idea that the world is in some sense alive, or harbours a tutelary spirit or immanent Intelligence, has always been a part of popular Uranian folklore and the central tenet of what passes for Uranian religion.  (The Uranians also appear to believe in a transcendent universal creator God but the evidence for this is indirect, and is not linked to their belief in the planetary Intelligence.)

The existence of a planetary unconscious or (alternatively) a "planetary id" was first scientifically accepted during the Tin Era, during the war with Ghepion-controlled Oso.  The conscious aspect of the world spirit spoke to humanity for the first time during the Rhenium Moment.  Its existence was then understood as an emergent phenomenon, arising from the planet's variety and complexity.  On another famous occasion since then, during the Thallium Era, the world spirit was successfully consulted by the psi-sensitive Capfaym Duuv.

It also seems that on several less-publicised occasions, individuals have at rare moments communed with the planetary mind, sometimes to their advantage, sometimes to their detriment.  See The Problem of Evil.

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