The largest of the disc-on-stem cities.

The only city to have preserved its independence continously, unconquered throughout all the eras since its construction.

Diameter of disc: 5 miles.

Height of disc above surrounding plain: 200 yards.

Population (in Actinium Era):

Disc: 3 million

Contado: 7 million

Radius of contado (in Actinium Era): about 130 miles.

Located in the region of Maelv.  Distances to some other cities in miles, as follows:

Ao 6056,  Contahl 6589, Grard 13,058, Hoog 9983, Innb 9930, Invun 5231, Jaax 3960, Lysyon 9757, Olhoav 18,302, Skyyon 5990, Soolm 4525, Vlamanor 4991, Xydur 753.

Some well-known sights in Vyanth:

The Palace of Justice (2 miles down Radial 3), with its famous elliptically-orbital interior appointments, and the Clears outside, where trials can be displayed on public screens.  See The Shears of Night.

Kioll Octagon, where strange judgements were executed in the last days of Era 15.  See The Shears of Night.

The pedestalled globe which was the home of the great Taldis Norkoten.  See The Forgetters.



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