Here for convenience are collected some details of those Sunnoads who are mentioned at various points in the history section.  They are listed in chronological order:


Fiarr Fosn 723: the 723rd Sunnoad.  Commanded the Great Fleet which tried to conquer Fyaym at the end of the Phosphorus Era.  He was killed in the disaster which overtook that fleet.

His second incarnation is also recorded: he was a distinguished Noad of Jador during the latter part of the Vanadium Era, showing none of that arrogance and hubris which had brought on the doom of era 15.  It is an example often cited, of how it is possible to learn from history.

Nalre Zitpoidl 4854: the 4854th Sunnoad.  He was the last Sunnoad of the Argon Era and he survived into the Vanadium Era, though some argue that he had been legally deposed by that time.  Possibly the most controversial holder of the sunnoadex, he is notorious for the murder of the avian, Tjoren, whom he believed to be threatening Syoom with the misleading offer of help against the White Sun.   See Nalre Zitpoidl and the Great Winter.

Restiprak Zentonan 33337/45329: in his two incarnations, the 33,337th and the 45,329th Sunnoad respectively.  The only person ever to become Sunnoad twice in two lives, RZ reigned, moreover, during two crises, transitions between eras.  As 33337 he defeated the besiegers of the Other Syoom in the Gallium Era. See The Age of Spies.  In his second life he was the mountaineer who conquered Mt Gnemek, the highest point on the planet, the peak which reaches out into space.  During that expedition he underwent the adventures which ended with him being elected the first Sunnoad of era 69. See The Prospectors.

It is possible that the Restiprak Zentonan who lived later, in the Tantalum Era - the great detective - was a third incarnation of the same person.  Third incarnations are rare but not unknown, like third sets of teeth.  However, in the somewhat decadent Tantalum Era it was fairly common for people to be named after other people.   The uniqueness of names was not as jealously guarded then as it was in most eras.  See Holding the Line.

Jad Darkal 35480:  the 35,480th Sunnoad, whose great victory over invading forces saved Syoom after the fall of the Rubidium Fort.  See The Age of Spies .

Dynnt Gilvar 48559:  the 48,559th Sunnoad.  He reigned at the transition between the Lutetium and Hafnium Eras.  It was he who made the crucial decision to follow Simulator advice and "appease" the Fyayman powers by ceasing the prospecting for ell-light crystals which had characterised the Thulium Era.  SeeThe 'Dassan Call .  In his second incarnation, in the Actinium Era, Dynnt Gilvar was captain of a Nemyuran airship. 

Taldis Norkoten 64702:  the 64,702nd Sunnoad.  He was equally renowned as a secret agent before he acquired the golden cloak.  He lived in the midst of the Osmium Era's spy-craze, but as Sunnoad he tried to institute a permanent Syoomean Navy which might help calm international tensions.  His efforts unravelled at his death, but were taken up again much later, and the Navy ideal triumphed during the Iridium Era.  Zdinth Hall, Skyyon, scene of the Rhenium Moment, was renamed Norkoten Hall in his honour. 

Norkoten's second incarnation occurred at the end of the Radium Era, when he became the nemesis of Tu Rim.

Hevad Notoxt 69546:  the 69,546th Sunnoad and probably the second most famous woman to hold that office (the first being Hyala Movoun 1).  She was a psi, able not only to read minds but to operate on moods.  Her great service to Syoom was the overthrown of the cyborgs, but she bears much responsibility for the subsequent persecution of the Ghepions.  See The Cyborgs and The Era of Psi

Ahim Trarv 77062: the 77,062nd Sunnoad.  He was murdered and then impersonated by Nehal Fozdak; this crime, and the other events associated with it, brought the Bismuth Era to an end.  See Impostor .

Tu Rim 78860 : the 78,860th Sunnoad.  Reigned at the end of the Radium Era (era 88).  For most of the era, much of Syoom had been subjugated by non-human races (the only era of history in which this was the case); Tu Rim was part of the movement to recover human control, but the methods he used - trying to convert the sunnoadex into an authoritarian empire - brought upheaval and chaos to Syoom.  Tu Rim was overthrown by a movement headed by the second incarnation of Taldis Norkoten, who convened a conference to decide how a repetition of these events could be avoided for all time.  The outcome was that the Sunnoads after Tu Rim were never allowed, or never allowed themselves, to dwell in Skyyon.  They always subsequently held it a point of honour to have their official dwelling in a "hut" in Melikon, a mere village outside Skyyon. 

Nyav Yuhlm 80438: the 80,438th Sunnoad.  A rare example of a man who belongs to two planets.  His soul possessed two bodies; his Earth self was Neville Yeadon of 1970's London.  When that self was murdered, its consciousness was transferred to the body of Nyav Yuhlm and superimposed on the latter's mind. 

Iyen Noom 80525: the 80,525th Sunnoad, currently reigning today at the beginning of era 92.  He led the Second Great Fleet to Arclour, succeeding where Fiarr Fosn 723 had failed.  See The Assault on Arclour.


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