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[Note: the reader who is new to Ooranye is advised to begin with The Forgetters, which, through the adventures of its amnesiac hero, provides the best introduction to the giant planet.]


The stories are on offer at $10 per tale (if you pay online by credit/debit card) or 5 (if you post a cheque or international money order).  

To order online: when you click on the "order" button beside each story on the list, you will be referred to Clickbank to complete the transaction.

Online purchasers will normally access the stories as pdf files by means of Acrobat Reader. (This should take only a few seconds.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, simply download it free from the Internet.)  If you encounter difficulties in accessing any pdf file, email and request the story to be sent to you as a Word document.

If you wish to order by post, send your remittance (5 per story) to: R Gibson, 20 Oakthwaite Road, Windermere, Westmorland, LA23 2BA, United Kingdom.  Remember to include your email address so that the items you have purchased can be sent to you.  Specify whether you wish the text to be emailed to you in Word or in pdf form.


Uranian tales currently available

from our agents on the seventh planet


excerpt   <<<  Basilisk   >>>   order

[setting: Narar; Dmara; the Nitrogen Era]

19,500 words


excerpt   <<<  The Shears of Night   >>>   order

[setting: Vyanth; the Phosphorus Era]

5200 words


excerpt   <<<  The Open Secret   >>>   order

[setting: Vlamanor; the Strontium Era]

11,500 words


excerpt   <<<  The Worm of Poleva   >>>   order

[setting: Contahl; Poleva; the Niobium Era]

14,600 words


excerpt   <<<  The Forgetters  >>>   order

[setting: Vyanth, Skyyon, Quonia; the Osmium Era]

22,900 words


excerpt   <<<  Greenery  >>>   order

[setting: the Vlamanor-Yoon monoline; Skyyon; the Actinium Era]

8900 words


Dates of release of the stories:

The Shears of Night          early December 2006

The Worm of Poleva         early December 2006

Greenery                           early December 2006

The Open Secret                21 December 2006

The Forgetters                   October 2007

Basilisk                               February 2008

In preparation:

Eld     [setting: the Hydrogen Era]

Valim Poand     [setting: Narar; Vyanth; the Vanadium Era]

The Enthusiast     [setting: the Zinc Era]

Participation     [setting: Ao; the Xenon Era]

A Spotlit Man     [setting: Pjourth; the Praesodymium Era]

The Grardesh Sponndar     [setting: Skyyon; the Tantalum Era]


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