Distances to some other cities in miles:

Ao 5723, Dmara 7521, Grard 14,908, Hoog 5165, Jaax 3993, Jador 5045, Juxxt 8319, Pjourth 10,648, Vlamanor 3327, Vyanth 5990, Yoon 6149.

Skyyon is the Sunward Polar City.  That is to say, there the Sun is always at the zenith.  The place is, of course, full of history.  The Sunnoad traditionally had his official residence at Skyyon until the fall of Tu Rim 78860.  This flame-shaped building - the Palace of Skyyon - is called the Zairm; inside it is Zdinth Hall (now Norkoten Hall), scene of the Rhenium Moment.  The tip of the Zairm reaches 1.6 miles above the plain, which makes Skyyon the tallest city in Syoom - its summit visible from a skimmer 200 miles away. 

Structurally, Skyyon is unique among the disc-on-stem cities of Ooranye, in that it has two discs, the smaller one higher on the stem.

The lower disk has a diameter of about 4 miles; the upper, 2 miles.

Altitude of the lower disk: a quarter of a mile.

Altitude of the upper disk: three quarters of a mile.

Together with Ao and Vyanth, Skyyon forms the Triangle.

Skyyon stands in the region of Ammye.  Immediately surrounding the city are some low hills of rockfoam, a pumicelike substance not to be confused with the disastrous gralmy Foam which buried the city during era 57.


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