The Quonians


Physical and mental characteristics

Quonians are as human as Nenns and have been known to interbreed with Nenns; however, they are a distinct race, their skins often blue or green instead of the Nenns' grey, and their facial bone-structure giving them an especially proud, even haughty expression.  Mentally they tend to be more aggressive and less freedom-loving than the Nenns, or maybe it is just that they are less self-sufficient.  At any rate Quonians tend to form large, organized nations and governments, some of them tyrannical, more readily than Nenns do. 

Debate on the origin of the Quonians

The same process that produced the Gedars - left-overs of the dying Dmaran sivvan - may also, it is thought, have produced the Quonians.

On the other hand many ethnologists argue instead for a Fyayman origin of the Quonians, who, to be sure, are a much higher form of life than the Gedars, and hard to imagine as coming from the same source. 

Others disagree and insist on a Dmaran origin, principally because the Quonians bear such a close physical resemblance to the Nenns, who definitely came from Dmara.

Ah, but, say the critics of this view, Earthmen likewise bear a strong resemblance to the Nenns, yet originate on a different planet.  So physical resemblance proves nothing.  Besides, the Quonians are too ancient to have formed along with the Gedars.  Their civilization predates the current Great Cycle.

Only if you believe their records, reply the pro-Dmara theorists.  And why should we believe their records in view of their previous fakery of historical artefacts?  Besides, even if they are speaking the truth, why should they not have originated from the leftovers of a sivvan in a previous Greay Cycle?

The debate continues.


The Quonians, for all their arrogance, made a humble enough entry into Syoom for their first appearance on the stage of recorded Nenn history, in the Copper Era.  A number of Quonians appeared claiming to be dissidents seeking asylum, having fled from Quonia, which they described as being somewhere in deep Fyaym. 

Unfortunately for them, the broadcast mental warning known to history as the Kalishan Voice had alerted Syoom to their propensity for manipulating Time.  Discredited and threatened with forcible expulsion from Syoom, the Quonians chose to leave peacefully.

Their next big opportunity to invade came at the end of the Rubidium Era (see The Age of Spies), when they joined with other enemies of Syoom to overwhelm the Rubidium Fort.  However they were caught up in the subsequent defeat of the invaders at the hands of Sunnoad Jad Darkal 35480.

Much later, in the Osmium Era, Quonia became a fairly steady factor in the international balance of power for many millions of days, often in a state of "cold war" with Syoom.


The homeland of the Quonians amounts to a separate Syoom in the midst of Fyaym; however, the term "Syoom" is reserved in normal parlance for the main area of Syoom, contrasted with other "islands of safety" of lesser extent.

Quonia is a roughly oval territory about 9 million square miles in extent.

The geography of Quonia bears many resemblances to that of Syoom proper.  To name one striking example, it has a monorail network of identical design to the Syoomean network built in the Zinc Era, though there is no physical link between the two.

A striking difference is the absence of disk-on-stem cities in Quonia.  The Quonians pride themselves on not having taken part in the "crime" by which the dimension of Chelth was plundered of the energy used in the great Syoomean building program of the Phosphorus Era.  Cities in Quonia are built on the ground.  Travel, likewise, is ground-based, by wheeled car or monorail, except for the flyers owned by the rich and powerful few.

An even greater difference is to be seen on the approach to Quonia.  That land's border, the polikanomv, is an amazing phonomenon.  It consists of a moat, in which giant trees called osrorv have their roots.  Each osror contributes to the defence of the border - the trees having the ability to fire hardwood pellets at super-speeds in the direction of any aircraft that might dare to overfly Quonian territory.

The osrorv also contribute to the gradual drift of the whole land of Quonia.  Their roots "shuffle" and shift the moat in a way not fully understood, melting and re-freezing the ice at the margins.  Quonia is like a plate of ice being dragged slowly along, a few yards per year.  Historically it has been shifted thousands of miles in a circular motion around Fyaym.

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