The Nenns

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On Ooranye the human species which most resembles us is that of the Nenns.  They would pass for Earth people as far as appearance is concerned, except that their skin is steel-grey.  Their lifespan is approximately the same as ours: on average one Uranian year, or 84 Earth years.  Judging by our standards, we of Earth have to admit that strength and good looks are taken for granted among the Nenns, as is their virtually complete freedom from disease.

Perhaps from our point of view the most startling thing about the Nenns is their absolute certainty of limited reincarnation.  A Nenn knows that nen has two or three lives, almost always widely separated in time.  Moreover, during the second life (hardly any have yet attained to a third one), nen remembers the first.  The memory is dreamlike and somewhat hazy like a very old photograph, but there is no doubt that it imparts real information.

We now provide, from the Nenn point of view, a short survey of the human geography of Ooranye.


(The disc-on-stem cities and their contados.  The cities of Oirr.  The freightshuttle exits and the "Other Syoom".  Settlements in the Mountains of Flame.  Plains settlements.) 


(The Noadex and the dayonnad.  The Sunnoadex.  The Corrector.   Other institutions.  Military ranks and units.) 


(Nouuan.  Jommdan.  Lrissj.)


(The World Spirit.  "Recycling" of souls.  The teleology syndrome and its effect on the Uranian mentality.  Syoom and Fyaym.  Wayfaring and cartography.)


(Self-naming.  The effect of reincarnation.  The exception of the Vanadium Era.)

Units of Measurement:

(Dreathe's Theorem confirmed.)


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