The Kalyars


The kalyars - "evolved men" - appear from the Tungsten Era onwards.  Their physical difference from the Nenns - they vary from shaggy to horned or crested - is sometimes, though not always, accompanied by great mental and cultural differences. 

After a spurt of rapid development, which encouraged them to believe that they would replace the Nenns in the main line of "normal" humanity, they suffered the disappointment of the Rhenium Moment which told them that their day was not yet - told them in fact that they would have to wait for the next Great Cycle, over two thousand million days in the future.

During the Osmium Era many kalyars did not at first accept this verdict, refusing to believe in its transcendent origin, and striving to build up their power in competition with the Nenns.  However, as the era wore on, more and more kalyars slipped away from the struggle to compete, and went into a kind of cultural hibernation, reducing their lives to a tribal existence, where they still wait for their day to dawn, deriving contentment from the assurance that the far future is theirs.

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