Distances to some other cities in miles, as follows:

Ao 5724, Dmara 3774, Innb 6522, Jador 1664, Syyon 5165, Toolv 4792, Vyanth 9983.

During the latter part of the Phosphorus Era, a notoriously explicit hive-mind arose for a while in Hoog.  Hive minds - the group-consciousness of cities - had been widespread and successful in that era, but their success depended on the people not being fully conscious of them.  Something went wrong for a while in Hoog, and the group-mind became known to its constituent individuals, who reacted in horror.  The example of Hoog was an influence on the later attempted treason of the Vyanthan, Mulvu Xy (see The Shears of Night). 

Some of the greatest adventurers of the Vanadium Era came from Hoog.

Hoog can trace its name, though not its physical identity, back to a settlement in the Hydrogen Era that existed close to the modern site.  Only Innb, Ao, Nuvium and Pjourth can boast the same antiquity of name. 

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