The Sunnoad's Navy


Continued from The Great Triangle

The Iridium Era lasted 2,103,867 Uranian days - just 85 Uranian years, equivalent to 7,200 Earth years.  It is regarded as the golden age of the Sunnoad's Navy.  Though there have been many institutions in Ooranye's long history that have borne that name or something close to it, the Sunnoad's Navy is taken to mean the one which patroled the skies and kept the peace in era 77.  Its record was glorious, its personnel - especially the trouble-shooting "marksmen" who anticipated crises - unusually competent (and perhaps lucky), developing a matchless esprit de corps .

Only right towards the end did they become victims of their own success, partially succumbing to the danger of hubris inherent in an elite organization.  For only the exceptionally able and talented were admitted to the Navy.

When the next eomasp occurred, the Navy professed a determination to find the cause.  Ostensibly, no great event had occurred; but Syoom had been through this before, and knew that the day's rhythm never faltered without some deep reason.

The Platinum Era lasted 49,993 days and 6 hours.  This was little more than a mere 2 Uranian years; 171 Earth years.  It ended in the crisis which was at once the shame and the glory of the Navy.  Knowledge had been gradually spreading - appalling knowledge that had to be kept secret until the right time to act - knowledge of the reason for the eomasp that had ushered in era 78.  It was that the Navy's high command, and hence Syoom, were being infltrated and taken over by Ghepions in human form.

Those officers in the know were faced with the question of how to act without causing the Ghepions to unleash the Navy's terrible weapons on the people of Syoom.  It occurred to one of them, Spe Dalalt, that if a Ghepion could impersonate a human, a human could impersonate a Ghepion.  An epic counter-deception was planned and carried out, in which Spe Dalalt and his team undertook the hazards of a journey to the secret headquarters of the Ghepion plot. 

The successful exploit of Spe Dalalt restored the integrity of the Navy, but its honour was felt to have been irrevocably tarnished.  Its own leaders now regarded it as too dangerous to be kept in being in its present intensely elite form.  Yet some institutional ideal was felt to be vital to Syoom.  By what seemed at first to be a fortunate coincidence, however, Dalalt's expedition had uncovered an amazing rumour that might furnish an answer to the problem.  After a series of secret conferences, it was agreed to release a double dose of information to the public: firstly the details of the Ghepion plot and the way it had been foiled; secondly the possible real existence of what we can call the Uranian equivalent of Eden - a land named Solor.

The information was released early in the morning of 49,994 Pt.  Six hours into that day, an eomasp occurred. 

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