The Rhenium Moment


Continued from The Kalyars

The scene: the Hall of Zdinth at the Noad's Palace at Skyyon, Sunward Polar City of Ooranye.  At the high table, men and women in varying national and species costume.  Some in bodily appearance were identical to the humans who would evolve much later on Earth and become the readers of this website; others were furred, scaled or crested kalyars .

It was an international conference, one of many such, but this one would prove to be special.  The expectation was widespread, that if this meeting did not succeed in establishing agreed territorial spheres of influence and resolving the political differences between the species, Syoom would erupt in an inter-species war.  But the air must also have been heavy with less tangible, psychic  pressures - considering what happened next. 

What happened was that for five hours the conference, and to a lesser extent the whole world, was gripped by a transcendent experience.  In a sense we really know nothing about it, but in another sense we know enough.  The planet Ooranye harbours something analogous to a world-spirit, a living thing, or something that can be likened to a living thing.  Very occasionally it intervenes in history, for reasons we can only guess at.  This was one of those occasions.  If it spoke with an inner voice, that voice's words can only be deduced from the aftermath.

The impact of the five-hour Rhenium Moment was such, that even the eomasps with which it began and ended were hardly noticed, though afterwards it was realized that during those five hours an era had come and gone.

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