The Cobalt Era


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One of the most lamentable gaps in our knowledge of Uranian history concerns the mysterious Cobalt Era - 6,292,385 Uranian days; 256 Uranian yeras; = 21,534.5 Earth years.

The Cobalt contrasts with the last great era, the Vanadium, in that population recovered; there was renewed interest in Fyaym; hereditary monarchies ceased and Noads were elected once more; the sunnoadex recovered its prestige.  These trends, nudging Syoom back towards the norm, come as no surprise.  But there is something more to era 27 than this.

To us it is like a dream of which strong impressions remain, but few details.  Or like a wash of colour, intense and exciting, but without definite shapes.

It was an era which inspired many great artists, at the time and since.  The skyscapes of the Cobalt Era are famous, and chime in with the fact that some of its most characteristic developments were to do with journeys in the sky.

One of the few facts we know about the middle of the era is that an international organization called the Sky Patrol flourished during that period; it was a kind of Syoomean Navy, under the nominal or actual command of the Sunnoad, and its role was to foster the thickening of the Syoomean "carpet".   Nothing like this Sky Patrol had existed for a long time.

A peculiarity of era 27 was the great popularity of balloon flights.  Cheaper than airships although much more vulnerable, balloons were used for exploration to a remarkable degree, given the perilous conditions on Ooranye.

However the greatest mystery, the one which ended the era, was tackled on the ground.

We are told that the "first teleological investigations" occurred in era 27, linked to the understanding which the Uranians later achieved, concerning the direction in which the Great Cycle is taking them.  A lot of this work required the study of the rise and fall of previous civilizations, and so a stimulus was given to archaeology.  The ruins of many Vanadium Era and older sites were swarming at this time with scholars, scavengers and looters, wallowing in the ever richer culture-layer of Syoom.

The Cobalt Era ended with an archaeological discovery.....

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