The Gedars


The Gedars were submen: primitive humanoids of the same basic raw material as the Nenns, but of a generally brutish, low type.

They were generally of a strong physique, but their build varied widely; some were tall and rangy, others squat and sturdy.  Their faces were crude, misshapen by our standards, like the products of an inexpert sculptor.

Their first appearance in great numbers in Syoom was in the Vanadium Era, when, sensing the weakened state of the Nenns after the Great Winter, the hardy submen  swarmed across the plains, looting and killing.

Their origins are, however, said to be much earlier.  It is believed that the prebiotic lake or sivvan, from which true humanity evolved on Ooranye, shed some "leavings" before it dried up completely, and these remnants staggered erect and took quasi-human form.

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