Distances to some other cities in miles:

Ao 7787, Arn 1398, Jaax 7720, Skyyon 11,421, Soolm 2329, Vyanth 6589.

Contahl was the greatest city of Syoom during the Lithium Era and during the subsequent time of troubles up to the beginning of the Phosphorus Era.  This was because the cities of Oirr, due to the proximity of the Sun-Egg, were the only great cities at that time; and Contahl was closer to the Sun-Egg than any of them.  When, however, the disc-on-stem cities were built at the beginning of the Phosphorus Era, the old Oirran cities could no longer compete in power and splendour with the engineering achievements made possible by the plunder of Chelth.  Nevertheless, Contahl retains its pride, its independence and the memory of past glory.

It was in Contahl that the institutions of the noadex and dayonnad had their origin, way back in the Lithium Era.

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