Distances to some other cities in miles, as follows:

Vyanth 6056,  Contahl 7787,  Dmara 4260,  Hoog 5724, Innb 3967,  Jaax 2396, Pjourth 7321, Skyyon 5723, Soolm 5697.

This is one of the greatest of the disc-on-stem cities, and, together with Vyanth and Skyyon, formed the alliance known as the Triangle, which, during the Osmium Era, patrolled the area between them, giving an outstanding period of peace and security to a wide patch of Syoom.

One hundred million days before the Triangle, Ao had played a different role, a lone role almost as renowned as its later one.  Era 54, the Xenon Era, is known as the time of the Last Great Hive.  For over one and a half million days it was the most successful of hive-minds, combining the freedom of the individual with the group consciousness of a sentient city, as has never been achieved before or since.

Ao is one of the five cities which can trace its name, though not its physical identity, back to a settlement in the Hydrogen Era which existed close to the modern site.  


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