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Ooranye is the seventh planet from the Sun.  Terrestrial astronomers used to call it Uranus, until the day of the mysterious so-called Fostering.  On that date, the 10th of July A.D. 3564, its true nature surfaced in our continuum - whereupon it was revealed not as a lifeless gas-giant but as a solid, inhabited world.

This "surfacing" was retrospective:  once it had happened, it had always been.  We may therefore truly say that civilization on Ooranye predates that on Earth by about 1.2 million years. 


Contents of the site: 

Quick contents summary:

Planetology - the nature of the world and everything on it - Physical Geography - Life - Maps

History - a zoom through the epic of Uranian civilization over the past 1,200,000 years

Stories - adventures set in a variety of Uranian eras: "Basilisk" (Nitrogen Era); "The Shears of Night" (Phosphorus Era);

"The Open Secret" (Strontium Era); "The Worm of Poleva" (Niobium Era);

"The Forgetters" (Osmium Era); "Greenery" (Actinium Era)

Forum - how to contribute to Uranian studies

Reference - the encyclopaedia of Ooranye

Readership - the kind of Terran for whom the Ooranye Project was conceived


Physical Geography

Size and area - Day and night - Timekeeping - The two hemispheres of Ooranye - The interior of Ooranye - The plains and the mountains - Environmental change


Intelligent life

Nenns: Introduction - Cities - The disc-on-stem cities - The cities of Oirr - The cities of Starside - InstitutionsSunnoadsLanguagesMentality - Names - Units of Measurement

Other intelligent life: Gedars  - Kalyars  - QuoniansGhepionsNemaeansSentient cities - The world spirit - Transient Species

Other life-forms: Flora - Fauna - Micro-organisms (the throom and the bneen) - Clouds

Maps: Notes on Uranian cartography - Northern (Sunward) hemisphere - Southern (Starward) hemisphere


Introduction: The Great Cycle - The 91 eras - Historical dating systems - Table of eras, dates, events

Survey of Uranian history

From Dmara to the Great Fleet

The Hydrogen Era - Syoom and Fyaym - The Lithium Era - The Plunderers - The First Sunnoad - The Phosphorus EraThe Great Fleet

To the end of the Vanadium Era

The Argon Era - Nalre Zitpoidl and the Great Winter - The Vanadium Era - Revolutions

To the Foam

The Cobalt Era - The Quonians - The Zinc Era - The Age of Spies - The Institutes of Fate - The Ghepions - The Last Great Hive - The Foam

To the Rhenium Moment

The Praesodymium Spotlight - The Prospectors - The 'Dassan Call - The Age of the Wise - Holding the Line - The Kalyars - The Rhenium Moment

To the Mascon Expeditions

The Great Triangle - The Sunnoad's Navy - The Quest for Solor - The Cyborgs - The Era of Psi - The Mascon Expeditions

To Era Zed

ImpostorInvasionTu RimThe Actinium FulfilmentThe Assault on Arclour

End-note: Uranian historical problems







The world of Ooranye was invented, and its tales written, for the following kinds of reader:

Those who love the colour, ease and freedom of the worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs, especially Barsoom, even though they may wish at times that the tales were more consistent and that the plots did not so often depend upon the kidnaping of princesses

Those who enjoy the worlds of Leigh Brackett, even though they may wish at times that she had not given Celtic names to Martian cities and people

Those who enjoy any series of novellas interlinked by a common background of invented worlds or civilizations, which build up into a sprawling science-fiction or fantasy epic, such as -

the many worlds of Clark Ashton Smith

the Hub series of James H Schmitz

the Instrumentality series of Cordwainer Smith


Those who regret that these great authors are not still alive to continue their series, and who yearn for a series that does not come to an untimely end, leaving them aching for more

Those who love planetary adventure especially when set in our Solar System - and especially in the Solar System as it was before it was to some extent "de-mystified" by space-probes

Above all, those who want a world to explore which is huge, varied, mysterious, rich in history, different enough to be interesting but not so strange as to lose all human relevance, and with endless potential for adventure.